How you can lose fat and carve lean muscles with Shark’s Lean BCAA?

How you can lose fat and carve lean muscles with Shark’s Lean BCAA?

It’s a very common understanding that without proper diet and daily exercise, you cannot achieve the goal of weight loss, but when it comes to building an ideal body shape, it’s what you consume and how you work out that matters at the end.

It is not like going for losing weight only; it’s about getting the ideal body shape and turning into toned, lean muscles that will help you feet fit, remarkably strong, and confident. This is where the lean BCAA comes into the action.

In case, you which to lose weight while building lean body muscles, keep reading and learn about how BCAAs play an important role in your weight loss journey.

What are Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)?

BCAAs are the vital amino acids without which we just can’t survive. The muscle protein in our body constitutes about 35% of BCAAs and our bodies can’t produce BCAAs on its own. This implies that BCAA consumption can be fulfilled only by taking food and supplements.

The name BCAA is being given to them since these amino acids go straight to the muscle bypassing the liver. The most important BCAAs are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

If you wish to lose fat, why should you take BCAA?

There is a question might be striking your mind that when you want to lose weight, why you should take supplements that help in building muscles? The important thing to consider is that BCAAs not only helps burn fat rapidly but also helps in saving muscle tone and building strong lean muscles that will maintain your health and strength.

Most people think that losing muscles can help them lose weight, but the fact is that more healthy and toned muscles you have, the better metabolism you will have and you will be able to lose more body fat. That’s when BCAAs come into the play so that one can achieve “shredded, strong muscle build” and note that we are talking about shredding extra weight while losing beloved muscles.

Benefits of BCAA

Losing weight and gain toned, tough muscles is totally dependent on your protein intake is used in body and how your muscles get effected when you are working out.

BCAAs are the foundation of muscles and makeup to 25% of muscle proteins. Being the Amino acids, the BCAAs get directly absorbed into body muscles.

BCAAs work as fuel for your muscles during workout, which implies that you can exercise with more energy and hence burn more calories fast. Therefore, it’s clear that one cannot build ideal muscles like athletes and fitness experts we see on the TV and internet without using BCAAs.

BCAAs help you burn fat while building muscles

Exercises like cycling, running, walking, and swimming are important to lose body fat. Almost 70% of the energy we require for the workout comes from burning fat while doing these kinds of aerobic exercises.

Sadly, the weight loss exercises and diets can also make the body burn muscles as well. Your body constantly fights to provide all the energy required for the workout and sometimes end up losing muscles instead of fat, which means you may be missing out on the crucial toned muscles that you have been working hard for.

Here, BCAAs can change the game as they are proteinogenic – they help in building protein rather than breaking it down. So when your body runs out of carbohydrates, instead of burning muscles your body will use BCAAs as the alternative source of energy. This way, you can work out for the longer duration, burn more fat while building toned lean muscles.

BCAAs get you charged up for your exercise

Many people struggle to get out of bed and go to the gym when you wake up early in the morning. It is normal and caused by Tryptophan in the body, which is essential for the body as it signals your body to take rest when you get tired. By maintaining Tryptophan levels, BCAAs help you stay pumped up so you can work out harder and longer during training sessions.

BCAAs offer better muscle recovery

The process of muscle building occurs within 24 hours of workout. Taking BCAAs during exercise ensures that your body gains optimal toned lean muscles while shredding maximum fat.

How to consume BCAAs for the best results?

During Workout – To build toned muscles and lose fat, consume 5-10 grams of BCAAs with your regular protein shake and make sure you take it within 30 minutes before and after working out. You can consume the tasty Shark’s BCAA supplements during exercise to stay fuelled up for building strong lean muscles.

During the whole day – You can just add BCAA supplement to your water bottle 2 times a day. This way, you will stay energized and alert the whole day while keeping your body hydrated with a tasty natural drink.

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